A Precious Heart (_preciousheart) wrote in blendz,
A Precious Heart

Challenge #002


Here's the deal. There will be two contests up for this week. The Britney Spears CHALLENGE #001 will remain intact until next weekend, when I shall give the awards for both challenges. Because of my jam packed schedual, this will have to be.

Once again, because I am too busy, I am unable to buttonize all of the available picture selections. Once again, you may use any of the available pictures on the site available. Thank you for your understanding.
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sent mine
yep :) got it.
Sent mine in
got it
also sent mine :)
is there a tutorial somewhere so i can learn to do blends and then participate in the challenge?
its practically just trial and error, figuring out what works for you. But here's something that can get you started. If oyu are unable to understand, let me know.
Two Tutorials