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Welcome to blendz!
Before I post challenge #001, here are the rules and point system:
This is a blend challenge community. If you are unsure what a blend is, you can view one in the journal. Every week I will post up a new challenge, have a new layout reflecting that challenge, and atleast 10 pictures for you to work with, or links to different photo galleries. . I will also make awards for you to post in your journal, or to put in your user info. I will be the only one posting in the community, for the time being that is.

1.Your image can be no smaller than 200x200 and no larger than 550x550. There may be exceptions for certain challenges
2.You must use atleast 2 pictures I provide you. Once again, there may be exceptions for certain challenges.
3.You can only submit ONE blend per challenge. You can, however, change your blend and email me a different one, just let me know you're doing so.
4.Text is fine, seeing as it is a category. Just make sure it is not too offensive, although the blends may be fan or anti-fan.
5.Submit your image in .JPG, .GIF or PNG only! Keep in mind images are not preserved as well if they are .JPG, and PNG take a while to upload.
6.Save the image as the challenge # , your name, and your lj name. For example, my submission for challeng number one would be: 1-Sarah-_preciousheart.gif
7. Pleae upload them to your own server and send me the link. If you do not have a spot to upload to, contact me. Send all submissions to precious_heart224@yahoo.com. When you send it to me, please use the following form:
Challenge number and Subject
Livejournal username
link(to picture)
As of right now, the awards to be handed out are:
Breath Taking
Viewer's Choice
Other(such as best text, elegance, honorable mention, etc.)
Point System

You shall recieve
5 extra points for winning Gold
4 extra points for winning Silver
3 extra points for winning Bronze
2 extra points for winning Viewer's Choice Award
2 extra point for winning an "other" award (ie best text, breath taking etc)
1 extra point for winning Honorable Mention
1 point for sending in a blend(participating)
1 point for each LJ code you send to precious_heart224@yahoo.com

So, if you win Gold and viewers choice you will have
5 for gold + 2 for viewer's choice + 1 for participation and that's 8 whole points.
You can redeem them for:
AIM icon (50x50)-3 points
LJ icon (100x100)-5 points
Button (100x35)-8 points
Blinkie (max 100x1500-10 points
Friends only banner-15 points
LJ code-15 points
Journal Header-20 points
Link in communities userinfo to graphics journal-25 points
Desktop Background-30 points
Journal Layout-35 points
Website layout-50 points

Once you have enough points you can e-mail me at precious_heart224@yahoo.com with this form:
LJ username:
What you want and how much many points it costs:(for example: AIM icon-25 points)
What do you want on the blend?:(Be specific as possible such as what font, color, pictires if any, etc. )
Who would you like to make it?: So far the only blend makers are _preciousheart
Anything else?
We'll definately have to contact you for any big projects such as journal layouts, etc.

Thank you for chosing blendz!

And now for this week's challenge!
This Week's Challenge
Subject: Britney Spears
Ending: 11.15.03
Awards given: 11.16.03

Links/Pictures: Since this is our first challenge, you may use any photos found at these sites. *note about this link: In order to save the images you must place your mouse over the image, and then click on the floppy disk image to save the picture to your server. Sorry for the inconveniance. Also, it may make a watermark on some of the pictures. Sorry if it does.* *note about this link: once on the page, you must select "photos".*
There is Another site, but it is currently unavailable. It may, however, be available sometime during the challenge.
Once again, you may choose any photos on the given sites.

Please email me the blends to precious_heart224@yahoo.com

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